Moody Engineering, Inc. believes that safety has, and will always be, at the core of any successful business. Our employees understand this core value and practice it throughout their careers. MEI strives to provide our employees with the safety training necessary to make them comfortable on the job knowing how to identify safety hazards while conducting business.

All employees accept responsibility for their safety and act as an advocate for the safety of others. We take a proactive approach to safety and learn from others in heavy industries. MEI provides monthly classroom and on-the-job training for every individual. The company also provides annual MSHA, OSHA, OSHA 10, and Florida Phosphate Training to each employee who enters a client site or facility.
Over time, the Safety Program has expanded to include changes in legal regulations as well as specific client requirements. Our team learns through lectures, print materials, videos, demonstrations, and active participation. Each month MEI covers a different topic relevant to the services we provide and the clients we serve.